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Suffering From Hernia? -Don't Worry, We Are Here With The Best Laparoscopic Surgery For Hernia

Are you or your kin suffering from inguinal hernia ? Are you looking for the best kind of surgery? We can help you! Dr.Nikhil Agnihotri provides the most effective laparoscopic hernia treatment in New Delhi. Well, before going into the in-depth details of the surgical procedure, let's see

Laparoscopic surgeon in New Delhi


Why laparoscopic surgery for hernia ?

Laparoscopic surgery is a widely accepted surgical procedure which is slowly replacing open surgeries and so, it is used in almost all areas of surgeries nowadays. The recent development shows laparoscopic surgery as one of the most reliable methods  to treat inguinal hernia. Laparoscopic surgery is less painful than the conventional open surgeries. It requires a comparatively shorter hospitalization period and the patients will be able to resume normal activities at an earlier stage. It also leaves less scars which is an added benefit.

laparascopic hernia treatment in new delhi


How is it done?

The laparoscopic hernia repair is done by inserting a laparoscope which is connected to a small camera, into a cannula (small hollow tube) which allows the surgeon to get a clear view of the hernia and the surrounding tissues on a screen.Three separate quarter-inch incisions are also used and the hernia is repaired from behind the abdominal wall. A small piece of surgical mesh is placed on the hernia defect area and is fixed in place via various methods.The surgery is performed using general anesthesia on patient.


Can everyone opt for this procedure?

No, you can opt for this treatment only after going through an examination done by your surgeon. The procedure may not be suited for some patients especially those who have undergone abdominal or prostate surgery.
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